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Meditation Is The Ideal Antidote To Stress.

In my own opinion, there is one thing that is more powerful than any other therapy when it comes to combating stress: meditation. Meditation is something a lot of people don’t fully understand. There is the assumption among some that meditation is somehow ‘mystical’ or that it is necessarily linked with religion. Neither of these things is true. There are ...

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Try These 15 Affirmations To Bring A Moment Of Calm Into Your Day.

1. I am accessing my deep, centered self. 2. Day by day. Take it day by day. 3. There is no one perfect solution, so whatever we choose is right for us. 4. We are all doing the best we can. 5. We will get through this together. 6. This won’t last forever. 7. If something isn’t working, I can adjust. 8. I’m so much more resilient than I ...

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